Automated PPC Management

I’m really pleased that Google AdWords has added this new feature -

Automated rules to manage your PPC campaign.

It’s something that still needs some human interaction (you may wake up to find an entire campaign paused), but it will help if you’re setting something live over the weekend, and haven’t time to check up on it regularly, it can prevent some major disasters.

Some good examples of rules include:

  • Pause keyphrases when the cost goes over £x and there have been no conversions
  • Lower bids on certain keyphrases when the cost per conversion goes over £x
  • Pause ad groups when cost per conversion goes over £x

You can receive email alerts, and decide what to do with the poor performing elements of your campaign.

Watch this video with an alarm clock campaign and cheesy lift music to find out how to set this up for your account:

Posted: February 16th, 2011 under Digital Media.

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